Lonely Man Beer

Read Bruce Benderson’s review of Lonely Man Beer.

A short masterpiece! ~Sylvère Lotringer

Beautifully shot. It says as much about The Lonely Man in its two tragicomic minutes as several whole Mickey Rourke films I can think of.
~John Strausbaugh

Lonely Man Beer is a cool, well done, short film…a breath of fresh and funky air both. A commentary on our pornographic world today with a wonderful punch line. ~Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. Sex Worker turned Sexologist

It is amaze it is so serene ~Terence Koh

A beautiful film! The score, the acting, the shots- There’s so much drama in it, none explicit. ~Edmund White

More tragicomically true-to-life than the frat-boy fantasies that “real” beer ads so often are…. ~Matt Sullivan, In Touch Weekly

Starring Damen Corrado

Shot, Edited and Directed by Philip Weaver

Copyright © 2010 Imperium Pictures. All rights reserved.

May 2010

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