Band of Outsiders

How can a film be good if it isn’t an amusement park ride? In what other way can a movie be good or fulfilling? What did we learn from early 90s cinema?

The early 90s film directors looped back into the French New Wave. Tarantino’s company is named A Band Apart after Godard’s Band of Outsiders.

The FNW treated the cinema like an art, not an amusement park ride. The cinema is like a painting or a literary text, rather than a roller coaster.

Tarantino achieved the peak of mainstream popularity in the mid-90s and ushered in a new approach to the cinema. Or an old approach that had been marginalized.

A painter couldn’t give a shit if someone else is painting vases, flowers, pears, violins what have you. It’s the way you paint it, more than what you paint. It’s your style, your aesthetic, that matters.

Cubism helped people to see the modern world, or maybe it was merely an articulation of the modern world. The point is, the way the vase is painted is telling you something about the world. It’s not just creating the illusion of a vase. In fact, it’s doing the opposite of that. It’s a reaction to photography, so it’s going in the opposite direction of realism into a realm of ideas. It’s a work of visual philosophy.

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